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How can I change and delete posts in my blog?

Log in to the site using your nickname and password. Click on "My Blog" from the left navigation menu under name "User Menu". On opened page you will see all the post of your blog. With every title there are two buttons "Edit" and "Delete". If you click on "Delete", the post will be deleted permanently. If you click on "Edit" you can change what ever you like in the end click "Save" to save the changes.

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Beware of scammers and cheats
Please read carefully before contacting someone in the Internet.

Unfortunately, Internet is full of scammers. We take efforts to protect you from them. Below is the information about scammers and their technics and dating safe tips.

Scammers from such countries as Nigerian, Senegal, Ghana and Malaysia are posting hundreds of profiles as if they live in UK or USA, but in reality they live another country and are paid to scam innocent people. Many of dating sites don't care of scammers, because scammers have nice profiles and photos, and that attracts more members. They give you the impression they live in UK or USA till that time when they write you the next message from Nigeria or Ghana. They tell you they went for a business trip there and got robbed visa or any other documents. They have no money to get back and ask you to help.

$10 million cheque scam. You get a message from someone telling you about his or her rich relative who has millions of dollars and suddenly died. You are asked for a help to get the money out of the country. They send you a $10 million cheque. You go and give it to the bank and while you are waiting for the cheque processing, they ask you for money. You send them $10 000 hoping to have $10 million soon. A lot of people suffered from this scam. The cheque bounces in a week, you lose $10 000 and have troubles in the bank.

If someone asks for your email address immediately, or gives theirs right away, it is suspicious. Never give your real email address or contact details until you have thoroughly checked out and verified the person. Be very careful when people insist on your communicating via their private email addresses hardly getting to know you. Your contact details can be used to get flood spam or for any other purposes. Such scam technics is often used by members from Russia or Ukraine. The photo is a fake, the girls are not real and you will never see the person you are writing to. The scam could also include credit card fraud, excessive charges to an affiliated travel company, etc. To make sure that a lady you are communicating is real, and to protect yourself, you may use onsite safe mail box to know better a person you like.

If someone asks for money, it is a scam! DO NOT SEND money for ANY reason! Reasons for asking you to send money:

  • To treat sick child, mom or dad and other relatives
  • For visa
  • For passport application
  • For travel tickets
  • To pay to dating agency for translating and emailing services
  • To use internet
  • Lost job
  • Bank charges so that millions of dollars can be transferred to you account
  • Money for charity project
  • To pay hospital bill.
  • To pay telephone bill.

Beware of scammers and cheats! If someone from this site tries to scam you or you see a reported scammer profile here, please let us know. Scam and fake profiles are banned from the site immediately and blacklisted.

NEVER SEND money for ANY reason!

Who the Scammers Really Are

Learn who is behind the computer screen and what pictures scammers use

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Dating scammers are the scum of the earth. They break peoples hearts for a profit.

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Watch ABC News issues about 419 (Nigerian) Scams.

New type of nigerian scam

This lonely woman was taken for $24,000

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